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A Statement from the Coventry Central Hall lettings team


From today (1st September) we will start to make the first, tentative steps towards reopening in line with the Government advice. We would be lying if we said we weren’t nervous, we have spent countless hours planning for this, reviewing our procedures and setting out guidance that everyone entering our building will need to follow. It is a huge responsibility but we feel confident that we have taken every step to offer the safest experience possible.


Our building will look different. Your welcome will be different. We are so very sad that in order to keep our staff safe we will no longer be able to offer the same, hands on, attentive service as we did before. However, we are all working as hard as ever to make your event with us as amazing as it can be in this new normal. Jayne and I are available via phone or email to take all your queries and help to plan your event. Marcus will make sure your rooms are laid out exactly as you need, whilst following social distancing guidelines. We won’t be able to meet you face to face, or make any changes to your booking on the day so it is imperative that booking forms are filled out with all you need beforehand.


To keep our staff and groups safe we will no longer be open to the public or for drop ins. All and any visitors are by appointment only. All groups will be admitted to the building by their event organiser, in their allocated time slot. All groups must only use the room they have booked. All who enter our building must follow the one way system, follow social distancing and wear a face covering. For all the guidance that you will need to follow please click here.


Room capacities have been significantly reduced in order to ensure social distancing. We have always taken pride in the fact that our rooms offer great value for money. This will remain, however, we have had no choice but to bring in a cleaning surcharge in order to cover the escalating cost of the extra cleaning required. We decided this would be the fairest approach, to be transparent in the extra cost, rather than bury it in room rate increases.


We know this is a lot. It breaks our hearts that this will be our reality for a while. But we must keep you safe. We need to keep our team safe. Our building is still the same at heart. Our rooms are still beautiful and full of love. We hope that you appreciate that what we are doing also comes out of a place of love. Please do contact us today on bookings@coventrycentralhall.info.


We look forward to our building welcoming back all who call it home


Amanda, Jayne & Marcus ❤


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We’ve been a meeting place in the heart of Coventry since 1932, and we’d love to help you make your next meeting, concert, or event of any size a fantastic experience for you and your guests.

Built as a worshipping space, community centre and performance venue for over 800 guests, Central Hall is an amazing place to host your next meeting, training day, community group, award ceremony, wedding and much, much more.

It’s still the proud home of the Methodist Church at Central Hall and every booking helps to support the work of these two great community organisations – not to mention all our non-profit groups who hire great-value meeting rooms on a regular basis.

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Need a projector and screen? Tea and coffee for 10? Lunch for 100? We’ve got you covered.

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Run by a small, friendly staff team, the conference centre at Central Hall runs on a non-profit basis and supports the work of the on-site church.

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