About Us

We’re a non-profit conference centre here to bring the community together, support non-profits and charities, and enable the on-site church to continue doing what they do best.

How we do that is by tirelessly working to make sure you have the best event experience possible.


The community which built Central Hall still meets every week and is committed to bringing hope to the lives of the people of Coventry.

Some of their work includes the Winter Night Shelter, housebound outreach, and raising the profile of LGBTQ+ inclusion in the local church and beyond.

Our Story

Coventry Central Hall is one of 100 or so Methodist Central Halls built in British cities between 1886 and 1945. They were each designed as a place for the community to gather, and would attract people by their thousands on a Saturday evening with concerts, cinema, and meeting spaces.

As times changed, and wealthier families moved out of city centres, suburban churches grew, and many Central Halls were sold off to become nightclubs or flats, and some just stand empty to this day.

Coventry Central Hall is one of a dozen or so which still function as a church, and we’re able to use our fantastic space for what it was created to do:
bring the community together.

We are a community of people who gather in Coventry City Centre because we are passionate about Jesus Christ, and we have a heart for connecting with the community around us. We may not appear to be the most glamourous church out there but what matters most to us is that we are followers of Jesus.

We believe that Jesus shows us a unique way to live in the world, and we seek to model our lives based on his life and teachings. This is a life of humility, service, prayer, and close relationship with God. It’s also a life of radical inclusion – which means sharing and living out God’s love for the world and embracing all others regardless of their circumstances, status, politics or abilities.

We love Central Hall, and we hope you will too.

Meet Our Team


Ade Johnson

Business, Art & Community Project Development


Karen Wong-Samaroo

Bookings & Finance


Rev. Stephen Willey