Concerts at Central Hall

Coventry Central Hall has a proud history of hosting concerts and performances over the years, including organ recitals, dances, and even pop concerts featuring Cliff Richards and others.

Built before modern PA systems, the Main Hall was designed with acoustics in mind. This makes us a stand-out venue for choirs and orchestras, and we’d love to host yours too!

With an expanding stand and balcony area, we’re able to accommodate audiences of up to 730 whilst providing a fantastic acoustic experience for your performance.

In recent years we have hosted concerts for BBC Coventry & Warwickshire, the Heart of England Orchestra and various societies from Coventry University and the University of Warwick.

The Main Hall has an exandable stage to suit any event. This includes our small permanent stage as well as a large, custom-fit stage which can be set up for an additional fee.
The Main Hall has fixed choir tiers which can accommodate a choir of up to 60 people.
The Main Hall comes equipped with a 22 channel fixed PA, the system also includes 2 lapel microphones, 3 handheld wireless microphones and 4 wired microphones.
If you need a screen and projector for your event we have a rear projection system which can be controlled from the front or from the sound desk at the back of the Main Hall.
The Main Hall has a fantastic grand piano, drum kit and several electrical pianos which can be included in the hire of the space.
If the equipment in situ doesn’t work for you and you don’t have your own, we’d be happy to reccommend you a supplier to give your audience a great experience. Just ring us to find out more.
The Main Hall Has access to a suite of rooms over two floors immediately behind the stage as well as others connected to the Main Hall. Just let us know if you need them during your event.
For an additional Charge, Coventry Central Hall can run the Box office for your event, creating and selling tickets online as well as in person.
If you require printing for your concert we can have your printed materials ready for your event e.g. programs or posters.